About Cherished Center

Community. Hope. Renewal.

Cherish Center Mission Statement
The Cherish Center is a sustainable organization offering faith-based, life-changing services for families to be strengthened and renewed through care and compassionate support. 

Cherish Center Core Values
L = Life-Affirming
Every life is cherished. We value life by conveying a sense of security, hope, and dignity for each person, serving others with compassion and respect.

I = Integrity
We practice uncompromising moral and ethical conduct. We do what we say we will do by being accountable to God and one another at all times.  We are honest and transparent.

G = Growth
We meet the changing needs of our community. We support families, promote healthy children, and a strong community; making a positive impact in the lives of the people we serve.

H = Heart
We are servant leaders. We put the needs of others first, allowing their light to shine bright.

T = Team
We achieve success together. We are strengthened by our diversity and empower each other to achieve, grow and celebrate successes together.

In 1999 Cherish Center was established as a non-profit corporation known as Shepherd’s Fold Ministries.

In 2001 Jan Turner, a member of the founding team that launched Shepherd’s, was appointed as Executive Director.  Under Jan’s leadership, Cherish Center started incorporating more programs to educate women and help foster those skills so the women could start applying them as they raised their children. Not long after, Cherished Again, our thrift store, was also established both as a means to raise funds and as a way to serve the needy. 

In 2004 over $450,000 was raised to build a maternity home – what is now Cherish House.  Businesses, individuals, and churches in the Northwest Iowa area were all a part of making Cherish House become a reality. Cherish House opened its doors in the spring of 2006 and hosted over 70 women and children in its first 15 years.  In 2005, Cherished Center held its first annual Cherished Daughter’s Dance (formerly the Father Daughter Dance), which helps foster positive relationships between daughters and the male role model in their lives.

Cherish Center has grown rapidly since its founding as it works to achieve its mission. We look forward to the continued