Cherish Mentors, someone you can always count on.

Cherished Mentors is a program we offer to Cherish House residents, where they are paired with a volunteer in the community. Mentors are someone with whom residents can have a more casual relationship outside of Cherish House counselors, yet they are equally as dependable. Residents build close bonds with their mentors, picking up the phone to call and just chat and help answer more specific questions. 

Cherished Mentors:

  • Provide support navigating pre and post-pregnancy educational courses offered by Cherish House.
  • Understand the various stages women go through and can answer questions like, is this normal?
  • Our experienced and compassionate volunteers are resourceful and help residents beyond pregnancy and their time at Cherish House.

“They gave me the tools that really helped me be successful for the long haul. A solid foundation of people and community who poured love into me when I felt like I was the most unlovable.”