It feels good to help, volunteer with us

Give the gift of hope and compassion.

Giving means to the world to the women and children in our community. Whether you’re volunteering at the Cherished Daughters Dance, The Cherish House, or Cherished Again, you’re showing each one of the women and children that they matter, a gift that goes far deeper than the tangible items we touch.

Below is a shortlist of ways you can volunteer with us. Please fill out the form below and raise your hand to help support our community.

  • Cherish house – (yard work, playing with kids)
  • Cherish Center – (paperwork, organizing)
  • Cherished Again (laundry, dishes, folding)
  • Cherished Daughter’s Dance

Relevant Info:

  • Cherish House has hosted 73 women & children since 2006
  • Cherish House operates 365 days a year
  • Cherished Again is a self-sustaining store