Lisa Amendolares

Cherished Again Staff
Helpful. Dependable. Friendly.

Melanie Hoiland

Cherished Again Staff
Compassionate. Funny. Friendly.

Scott Plaster

Cherish House Parent
Patient. Handy. Mindful.

Janice Plaster

Janice Plaster

Cherish House Parent
Loving. Driven. Dedicated.

Denise Gilmore

Cherished Again Staff
Kind. Funny. Dependable.


Meghan Renken

Cherished Again Assistant Store Manager
Hard working. Helpful. Caring.

Womens Counseling Center Mental Health Anita

Anita Vulgamott

Cherished Again Staff
Authentic. Polite. Humble.

Mental Health Counseling Sioux Falls Lori

Lori Swanson

Office Manager
Friendly. Trustworthy. Creative.

Pregnancy Housing Center Omaha Barb

Barb Ross

Cherished Again Staff
Kind. Caring. Honest

Pregnancy Center Womens and Childrens Jennifer

Jennifer Otto

Financial Administrator
Detailed.  Organized.  Talented.

Pregnant Services Womens and Childrens Center Pat

Pat Jones

Cherished Again Staff 
Energetic. Helpful. Thankful.

Pregnant Services Womens and Childrens Center Jeremiah

Jeremiah Johnson

Cherished Again Store Manager
Diligent. Observant. Curious.