Parents Connect

Support, Respite and Instruction for Parents

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs, but it can also be one of the hardest. Parents Connect is a free parent education program hosted by the Cherish Center to provide support, respite, instruction and an opportunity to build stronger relationships between families. This casual yet educational program offers parents the ability to learn from each other, grow, and be the best parents you can be.

Whether you’re parenting as a couple, single parenting, or expecting parents we hope you will join us on the 4th Thursday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00pm at the Downtown Church.

What to expect

  • A free, family meal
  • Free childcare during the parent discussion
  • A new topic each session
  • A support system and connection with other parents
  • Resources and ideas to find better ways of doing things
  • A break from your routine to laugh and remember you’re not alone

When parents connect we share resources and ideas, find we are not alone, laugh together, and discover better ways of doing things.