Parents Connect

Support. Instruction. Community for Parents.

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs, but it can also be one of the hardest. Parents Connect is a free, parent-education strategy hosted by the Cherish Center to support and empower parents. This casual educational approach offers parents the ability to learn and grow in ways that are unique to their own situation and lifestyle.

Parent Café is a group strategy that brings parents together to talk about daily struggles and learn from one another. A Parent Café consists of three separate gatherings that focus on the Protective Factors. Cherish Center offers Parent Café periodically to agencies, churches, schools, and community groups as needed. To attend the next Parent Café or if you want to sponsor a Parent Café for your group, contact Cherish Center.

Bright Course is an online instructional tool that can be completed individually or in an online group. Bright Course participants focus on the topics that are priorities in their lives and parenting. They are supported by a Cherish Center staff throughout the instruction. To learn more about Bright Course contact Cherish Center.

When parents connect, we share resources and ideas, find we’re not alone, laugh together, and discover better ways of doing things.